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Testimonial – MaxxOil – An American Innovation


Look What They Say About MaxxOil


Car enthusiast, Chino CA Finally doing my own oil change, I tried MaxxOil Max Energy 10W40 and changed the oil for my Scion Tc. I can hear the engine running better than ever, it's good stuff. Most everyone knows that changing your oil regularly is the most important thing you can do to keep your engine running correctly. The right oil can improve mileage, increase performance, and lengthen your engine life. MaxxOil has proven to be the best at all three for my motorcycle, Truck, and car.


Business Owner, Ontario CA My company have been in construction for over 40 years and today I can confess ya that the preferred brand for our heavy equipment (dozers, loaders, excavators and such) has always been MaxxOil® ever since I first tried it 5 years ago. And with MaxDefense series you just get more of a great thing. Tried and true and may they never stop making great diesel engine oil. Buying it in bulk like this saves me a ton of money too.


AAMCO, Los Angeles CA Great stuff, one of the best synthetic oils out there. I run a BMW auto tuning center. Now, I suggest MaxxOil® Pro Max 0W30 religiously for all my BMW clients. It provides a quiet motor operation, fast starts and super clean motor with virtually no wear and change the oil every 7500 miles. Great for fuel efficiency too. It is the only motor oil product that I recommend to my clients and so far, no one says not to MaxxOil®.


Motorsports Fans, Lake County CA The importance of using good-quality oil in an engine cannot be overstated. MaxxOil® synthetic motor oils consistently outperform conventional and other synthetic oils. The performance, money, and fuel savings make MaxxOil® the most cost effective choice out there. Drivers can have confidence knowing that MaxxOil® synthetic motor oils provide maximum performance and protection. Now we understand why they like MaxxOil®.


Paw Automotive Service Center, La Messa CA I love MaxxOil, I use its ProMax 5W20 summers and 0W20 winters in my 2003 Honda Civic. I rarely have to top off the oil. I have one of my customer wgere oil analysis done after 9223 miles before changing the oil and filter. He love the results and I recommend to go as long as 11,000 miles before next change. I won't go that far since I change the oil and filter every six months. It's good to know though that MaxxOil® is so durable!


Precision Auto Tune, Austin OK This stuff is amazing. I bought it when MaxxOil® Pro Max series was running a special promotion at a local motorsport event. I was very surprised at how much difference it made over regular oil. My engine runs a lot smoother and quieter. I will be buying again. Next time I think I will buy the fully synthetic Pro-Racing version. I just hope MaxxOil® has more promotions in place where my garage is, so I don't have to travel to LA to get it.


Zone Transmission & Auto Repair, Tucson AZ I have a race team customer that has two engines and they use a very well promoted oil. These engines turn to 8,200rpm , run .430’’ lobe lifts with 1.65 rocker ratios which yield .710’’ valve lift and have a valve spring open pressure of 625lbs which means the pushrod tip sees 1,031lbs of force. Both of these engines required pushrods and rocker adjusters on rebuild. That team now uses MaxxOil® Pro-Racing series.


Star Tire & Automotive Service, Carson City NV I bought MaxxOil® in California and try it myself. What can I say, its a good oil at a great price. Most of my customers like it very much! I was expecting the oil to be all over the bottom of the box when it got here from California, but it wasn't, in fact it was well packaged with professional after sales service. I will most defiantly convince my customers to switch to MaxxOil® in the future.


Herbie’s Autohaus, Chino CA A good oil will just work - it will lubricate and protect. A fantastic oil will go far beyond and MaxxOil® does exactly that. Not only that but the engine spins up much more quickly and feels really free and eager which is great for an engine with an 8000 rpm red line! I was really surprised cause I wasn't expecting much of a difference compared to my previous motor oil. My customers, like me now prefers MaxxOil® products.


Beach Boulevard Transmission, Stanton CA After trying different full synthetic motor oils, I concluded that MaxxOil® Pro Max Full Synthetic is probably one I would pick from. Car runs smoother and the idle settles quicker and more consistently in comparison to manufacturer oil or other cheaper brands of full synthetic. Unless MaxxOil® changes their formula in the future for the worse, this will be the product that I stick with until proven otherwise.

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