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NANO PLUS Pro-Max 5w40 – MaxxOil – An American Innovation

NANO PLUS Pro-Max 5w40

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April 28, 2016
NANO PLUS Max-Energy+ 10w40
April 28, 2016
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NANO PLUS Pro-Max 5w40

This is a high quality multigrade engine oil of the latest generation, especially designed for the lubrication of all 4-stroke gasoline engines of passenger cars.

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MaxxOil Nanoplus is the latest technology for protecting and extending the life of your auto engine and oil through mechanical means instead of chemicals, which can deteriorate over time. It contains billions of 4-to-6 nanometer sized diamonds that act like ball bearings.They fill the pores of the metal, helping to sustain an oil film on the inner surfaces of the engine and sealing out the debris and moisture that cause corrosion. The nano diamond ball bearings transform the sliding friction that normally occurs between metal surfaces into rolling friction, thereby reducing heat, wear and engine drag. Lower heat helps to extend the life of the oil, and less engine drag increases fuel mileage.


This engine oil can generally be used in gasoline engines of passenger cars, meeting the highest performance levels. Extended drain intervals are possible, according to the specific OEM prescriptions. This oil is not suitable for diesel engines that are equipped with a diesel particulate filter (DPF).


Total engine protection: performance in keeping the engine clean.
Cold start: excellent fluidity at low temperature.
Drain interval extension: longer oil drain interval


ACEA C3-10
MB 229.5
VW 505 01
VW 502 00