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NanoPLUS – MaxxOil – An American Innovation


Formulate specifically for top performance

  • Reduced friction,extended engine life.
  • Increased horsepower & acceleration.
  • Provides a thin layer of film on the metal surface.
  • Cooler running engine.
  • Reduced engine noise.
  • Cold start protection.
  • Cleaner engine.
  • Knowing NanoTechnology

    Nanotechnology is really our 21st-century frontier, just as big as – if not bigger than – space exploration. There is outer space but there is also “plenty of room at the bottom” to quote Richard Feynman, the father of modern nanoscience. By this he meant there is room for science, technology and engineering at the atomic and molecular level, that is, on a nanoscale. Nanometer (or nm) is one billionth of a meter. The term was coined in the mid-20s by Richard Zsigmundy to characterise and measure particle size.

    The nanoscale goes from 1nm to 100nm. Along that scale, we have atoms (0.1nm), proteins (3-10nm), molecules, with the largest nanoparticles like polymers, lipids and quantum dots towards the other end (100nm).

    It may be hard to get a sense of this. It’s all invisible to the naked eye. A sheet of newspaper is 100,000nm thick, a fingernail grows one nm per second. While the 20's was about understanding and measuring, 40 years on the focus shifted to manipulating, to processing, separating, consolidating (grafting atoms and molecules onto materials) and modifying materials.

    Think of all the science you know, the chemistry, physics, engineering, construction, technology, and shrink all that to below one billionth of a meter. That’s nanotechnology.

    MaxxOil NanoPLUS

    MaxxOil NanoPLUS is the latest technology for protecting and extending the life of your auto engine and oil through mechanical means instead of chemicals, which can deteriorate over time. It contains billions of 4-to-6 nanometer sized diamonds. Diamonds. Microscopic diamonds, 4 to 6 nanometers in diameter, and covered in facets like in a soccer ball. Not one or two, but billions of them. Think of it as nanodiamond powder, combining the functional qualities of powder with those of diamond.

    What are diamonds? They are extremely hard and highly chemically stable; diamond is one of the best abrasives in the natural world. These nanodiamonds function and behave like ball bearings between the metals in the macroscopic system of the vehicle. They fill the pores of the metal, helping to sustain an oil film on the inner surfaces of the engine and sealing out the debris and moisture that cause corrosion. The nano diamond ball bearings transform the sliding friction that normally occurs between metal surfaces into rolling friction, thereby reducing heat, wear and engine drag. Lower heat helps to extend the life of the oil, and less engine drag increases fuel mileage.The automechanic world is looking to nanodiamonds but they tend to see them as an ideal oil additive.

    MaxxOil NanoPLUS is different because it offers a two-in-one solution; no additional additive is needed! The nanosized active components are all there.

    Nano Revolutionary

    MaxxOil NanoPLUS achieve its technologicial breakthrough - being one of the very few motor oil brands that incorporate nanotechnology into its motor oil formula for exceptional performance experience.

    Specially designed

    MaxxOil NanoPLUS is specially formulated for all types of automotive improves the engine’s hydrodynamic lubricants system to ensure operating under the most severe conditions and whatever the seasons.

    Speed Driving

    MaxxOil NanoPlus provides a thin layer of film coating on the metal surface which provides excellent anti-friction and giving more power to the wheels, potentially more speed for your driving pleasure.


    MaxxOil NanoPlus helps to cutting friction within the engine will reduce wear on engine parts and the heat generated, as well as prolongs engine life, even under harsh environment.